This page records all updates to this site since 1st April 2019

Please check in regularly to see what new species have been added

Updates are added with the newest update at the top of the list.

18 October 2019

Steatoda bipunctata. Added photo to species page.

26 July 2019

Enoplognatha ovata. Added chelicerae (female) image. Replaced image of tarsal claw.

Harpactea hombergi. Added chelicerae (male) image. Re-processed pediaplap image.

Tenuiphantes sp. Added image of chelicerae of male Tenuiphantes flavipes. Re-ordered existing pictures. Added more text to the description.

Scotophaeus blackwalli. Replaced pictures of chelicerae and tarsus with better images. Added a scopula hair at high magnification.

22 July 2019

Added pedipalp of Tenuiphantes flavipes, carapace of Erigone dentipalpis and dissected epigyne of Erigone atra.

Minor changes to text about spinnerets on home page, and added date of last update.

29 May 2019

Uploaded new site with many minor edits, including to main page and individual species pages.

This version will be used as the basis for future development.