Xysticus cristatus  (THOMISIDAE)

Xysticus cristatus

The Thomisidae are also known as crab spiders. This is because of their general appearance, and the fact that they can walk sideways as well as backwards and forwards. The posterior row of eyes is "recurved", which means that the outer eyes are behind the two median posterior eyes. In this spider the recurved effect is only slight. Many of the Thomisidae, including Xysticus sp. lie in wait for their prey on flowers or similar vegetation, rather than going in active pursuit of prey. The photograph is of a male of the species.

Head and chelicerae of male Xysticus cristatus Head and chelicerae of female Xysticus cristatus Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Xysticus cristatus, ventral view.

Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Xysticus cristatus Spinnerets of a male Xysticus cristatus Tarsal claw of a male Xysticus cristatus

Pedipalp of a female Xysticus cristatus, showing the single claw.