Trochosa terricola  (LYCOSIDAE)

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Spiders of the genus Trochosa are significantly larger than those of Pardosa. They are hunting spiders that are active at night. In addition to the size difference the genera Trochosa and Pardosa can be distinguished by the position of the posterior lateral eyes, which are relatively further apart on Trochosa than on Pardosa compared to the separation of the median posterior ones.

Head and chelicerae of male Trochosa terricola Chelicerae of male Trochosa terricola Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Trochosa terricola
Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Trochosa terricola Spinnerets of Trochosa terricola Tarsal claw of a male Trochosa terricola
Pedipalp of a female Trochosa terricola. The single claw can be made out in the middle of the left side of the image.