Tetragnatha montana  (TETRAGNATHIDAE)

Tetragnatha montana

Genus Tetragnatha is characterised by a long, thin, body and enlarged chelicerae, which make them easily identifiable in the field. The males of individual species are easily identified from their pedipalps with the aid of a microscope. The epigynes of the females are less easy to distinguish between species without dissection, or clearing in clove oil. Tetragnatha montana is very common and widespread in the UK, and can be found on low bushes and vegetation. Spiders in this genus are web-dwellers, as is clearly indicated by the third claw and serrated bristles visible in the micrograph of the tarsal claw.

Head and chelicerae of a male Tetragnatha montana Head and chelicerae of a female Tetragnatha montana. The pedipalps can also be clearly seen. The bottom end of the chelicerae of a female Tetragnatha montana, viewed from the side nearest the mouthparts

Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Tetragnatha montana Pedipalp of a female Tetragnatha montana. (A rather poor micrograph, but it does show the single claw.) Spinnerets of Tetragnatha montana

Tarsal claws of Tetragnatha montana