Pisaura mirabilis  (PISAURIDAE)

Pisaura mirabilis

Pisaura mirabilis is the only species of the genus Pisaura that is present in the UK. It is commonly known as the "Nursery Web Spider". It is common and widespread throughout the British Isles. The female carries her eggs around in a sac firmly held to its abdomen until the eggs are nearly ready for hatching. At this stage the female attaches the sac to vegetation and spins a tent of silk round it. The female then guards this, as shown in the photograph, until the spiderlings hatch. Currently only the female is illustrated on this page.

Head and chelicerae of Pisaura mirabilis. Note the "recurved" layout of the dorsal lateral eyes. The bottom end of the chelicerae of Pisaura mirabilis, viewed from the side nearest the labia Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Pisaura mirabilis (to follow)

Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Pisaura mirabilis Spinnerets of Pisaura mirabilis Tarsal claw of Pisaura mirabilis