Hahnia nava  (HAHNIIDAE)

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This is a small spider, similar in size to many of the linyphiidae. It makes small sheet webs on vegetation at ground level, or even across small dips in the ground. The genus is notable (and distinguishable with a lens) by the spinnerets, arranged like organ pipes rather than in the conventional circular arrangement.

Head and chelicerae of male Hahnia nava Spinnerets of a male Hahnia nava. Note how the six spinnerets are arranged in an approximate straight line, rather than the more usual circular arrangement. Left Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Hahnia nava

Epigyne (female sexual organ) of Hahnia nava. When viewed under a light microscope this resembles more accurately the sketch in the reference. Pedipalp of a female Hahnia nava Tarsal claw of Hahnia nava