Araniella sp  (ARANEIDAE)

Araniella sp

There are two common and three much less common species of Araniella in the UK. The common ones, A. cucurbitina and A. opisthographa have a very similar appearance, being about 6mm long (females), green in colour, with a small red spot above the spinnerets. A series of black spots on the abdomen can also be seen in the photo.

Head and chelicerae of Araniella cucurbitina Pedipalp (male sexual organ) of Araniella cucurbitina For comparison, this is the pedipalp of Araniella opisthographa

Epigyne of Araniella cucurbitina. Spinnerets of Araniella opisthographa Tarsal claw of Araniella opisthographa. Note the central claw and barbed bristles typical of web-dwelling spiders.

Pedipalp of a female Araniella cucurbitina